During the early days of this year, I tried to make the most out of the days, so I sat down and wrote a little book. I made a lot of mistakes the last years and learned a lot on my journey to what’s really important in life, so I thought, why not write it down, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. In the process, I came up with 9 chapters, each talking about a distinctive topic, like Mental Health, Sports & Nutrition, Minimalism and so on. I put all my heart into this and here it is: The coffee table book for your life. The book is bound in a soft cover and the English words and photos are put into 84 pages. If you’re interested in a copy, just send me a message. 

Also special thanks to @pia._ for designing this book – from the cover to the written words. Thank you very much! Thanks to Yara for proofreading the whole thing and to @samsondruck for printing this climate neutral in Austria. 

This book is for people: 

  • Who want new perspectives
  • Are curious
  • Who want a nice good looking book


  1. Miwa says:

    Hi Chris! I came across your book while checking the web for Erdbaer clothing (which i happen to pick up at K & O department store in Graz just before lockdown and I am loving them and now wanting to order more). It’s fascinating to getting to know about, and to be able to support, people and companies who spread nice messages like yours and enable action. It’s good to connect more dots. I will buy your book form their website and will learn more through reading! Cheers, Miwa


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