Chris Perkles creates content almost every day. His passion is portrait photography, especially in a natural environment where he can use natural light. Shooting videos is also one of his favorite activities, that’s what he does most for his second company Skyline Medien Gmbh, where he works as a managing partner and creative director.

He worked with: ERDBÄR, Denzel, Wuger – Brands in Motion, Bazzoka Creative, Boom Creative Lab, Hafen Hamburg Marketing GmbH, Amer Sports, FH Salzburg Tourism, University of Salzburg, IAESTE Salzburg, Henkel GmbH (Syoss), Monthaye,…

Self-Employed Freelance Photographer
Skyline Neue Medien GmbH / Co-Owner & Creative Director

WS 2014/15 Tutor “Multimedia Digital”
SS 2015 Tutor “Multimedia im Überblick”
SS 2015 Tutor “Pod – und Videocast”
Internship NAV-Studio July 2015

Bei der Arbeit in Kalifornien.jpg(Photoshoot in Yosemite National Park, California, USA for ERDBÄR)

Christoph Perkles
Röcklbrunnstraße 8 / 19
5020 Salzburg

Website & Blog of Christoph Perkles about Photography

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