Future of Business & Brands, Ping Helsinki 2018

So recently I’ve been to Helsinki at the Pingfestival 2018, this event is about social media, influencer marketing and future business models.

Pretty interesting right?

In this blog I wanna highlight some of the information I got on this day and some photos I shot on the way.

The first keynote was about digital leadership in a 4p economy by Anne Lisa Kjaer, Futurist from London.

So what are the 4p ? – People, Planet, Purpose and Profit! Anne said, that the future of business and its success will have meaningful dialogue and emotional intelligence in it’s core. You also need to apply some multidimensional thinking including the 4p,  because caring for people and planet, with a purposeful ethos, will be key.

Also she provides a toolkit: The trend atlas for 2025.

New business models will arrive, especially about to face global challenges and working actively together.  We only have one planet to live and we need to take care of it.


Storytelling is from yesterday, storydoing is the new thing! We’re at a point where people don’t buy the stories anymore, they rather wanna see people who are doing actively something. They buy your actions, not your words.

Leadership is also going to change, it will be defined by those who apply deep purpose to cultivate “betterness” in business and life. Which brings us to transparency, it will be amazingly important to have a transparent structure, cause if you lie, you die. Radical openness!

The capital of wellbeing will also be increased, health is out most important capital and people will increasingly look to partner with mindful brands to improve their wellbeing.

So if you bring all that together, you can engage with tomorrows people by bringing creative leadership to your company, be empathic and really care about the planet and the people around you, cause if you’ll just pretend, you’ll go down. Start innovating in sustainable and new business models, also do it, not talk about it. The future is not just somewhere we go – we actively create the future!


The second keynote was from Nick Westergaard, he is an Brand Strategist and it was about the Future Brand: How to stand out in a crowded, distracted world.

So 90% of the people trust peer reviews and about 30% believe advertising. Peer reviews is just word of mouth scaled, or word of mouth 2.0

He told us to create a movement for your brand by appealing to the head & heart of our customers. By being flexible, safe, simple and timeless, companies aren’t companies anymore, there also people behind a brand – so show emotions, like belonging, humor, nostalgia, be responsible and do it in style!

Ask yourself what business are you really in?  – That’s the spark that leads to your brand promise!

Go through your Brand DNA – Logo, website, business cards, products and packaging, advertising, direct mail, and more. and do a customer journey from a customer standpoint and see if it has some flaws.


He also thinks that telling stories is still really important: Stories are the fundamental way in which the brain organizes information in a practical and memorable manner. – Antonio damasio, neuroscientist.

And don’t forget that stories have shapes – beginning, middle part and an ending!

There are also different levels of content: Skimmer, swimmer and divers. So you post an teaser on instagram about a story, then you link to your homepage to the story and then there you have a video on youtube where the whole story is with behind the scenes.

So you have different levels of discovering a story.


What’s your brand’s core story? Whats your voice? What content can only you create, because neutral content is almost useless, create engaging content and emotionally connecting content which provides value to your customers. Best example -> GoPro.

Through the amount of content which gets distributed in this world it’s hard to really follow a brands story.. so you kind should simplify your brand. Start with the brand name your brand promise. Check your products and services, also your website navigation and content strategy. Clarity and simplicity will help you to get your key message out to the people. More isn’t always better. According to Nick, simple brands move and grow faster.

The best customers should always come first, because they are the people who are fans of your products and are going to talk to a lot of people, so think about how to get to know them better, to give them the best service as possible.


Be consistent in what you say and what you do.

Check your brand experience, gets your brand promise delivered? Try to again the customer journey yourself.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

So this are some things I learned on this day. Let me know if this was helpful. 🙂


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