How to find models while traveling.

Today I wanna talk about how to work with models in foreign countries. So I recently been to the US and I wanted to do some shoots to broaden my portfolio. It’s always amazing to work with people from different countries and different cultures, it kinda expands your horizon.


So lets get to it. There are a couple of steps you have to consider. Note: This is just a recommendation, but for me this worked pretty good.

First you need to know what kind of shoot you wanna do. Is it a beach shoot, a fashion shoot, couple shoot.. and so on. So in my case I decided I wanna do Beach Shoots and some Lifestyle / Fashion shoots.

So you know what you wanna shoot? Good -> No go and create different moodboards of styles you wanna accomplish in your shoot. Even if you mostly work without moodboards, still create one, so the Model / Agency will know what kind of look you wanna achieve.

Shoots -> Check, Styles -> Check?

Next is location, you can do some location research online and take a couple of notes where you wanna shoot and then do location scouting when you get there.

Now you’ve got your kind of shoot, styles and a few locations. It’s time to find the right models, who fit your idea. This steps before are pretty important cause you will look way more professional when you have a plan and know what to do.


There are different forms to find models:

For example you can work with an agency, this brings you the benefit that they already have a lot of models in their portfolio and can save you hours searching for the right type of person for your shoot.

It’s easy to find agencies via google, just type location + model agency and you get tons of results. Next step, setup an email and let them know who you are, what you wanna do – it’s important if this is a commercial shoot or a test shoot. In my case, I did test shoots. And let them know what kind of models you’re already looking for, you can stalk their online portfolio and already write down some names.

Send it to a couple of agencies and wait. Once they’ve replied, they usually send you a list of models who are available for that kind of shoot and you can get into details.


You can also use Instagram and other Social Media

Check Hastags and Location Tags to find Models in the area you wanna shoot.

Once you’ve found them, send them a DM why you wanna work with them, what you wanna shoot and who you are.

You can do this same process by hitting up other photographers in the area and ask for tips.

Now you’re in contact with your model, you can get into details, exact time, location, outfits…

You can even go further and search for a stylist and a make-up and hair artist. Good planning for me is already 33% of the shoot, without a plan things can go wrong very easily. Also don’t forget to have a Plan B, just in case the weather changes or the location just doesn’t work.. and so on.

You’ve organized everything and you’re good to go. Hopefully this was helpful for a couple of you.


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